About Us (Me)


For years I've run a website selling customisable gifts in The Netherlands (it's this site: 50jaarcadeau.nl). Though I was never completely satisfied with the kind of gifts it offered.

So, since July of 2018, I started this website as a small side business to sell customised jewelry. The first necklaces are sold and the first reviews are in. All great so far :). 

I guess I just like to start small businesses. I've studied to be a spatial planner but I always ended up in some new kind of business venture. I've sold pumpkins, firewood, Christmas trees, cigars and online apparel for example. I've been a facebook marketer, graphic designer and even a sort of lifeguard on a camping a few years ago. 

I think if I can make someone happy with a great product I'll be happy as well. 

I create and make the design based on the data you supply. Special software is used to calculate the position of the stars, constellations, sun, moon and planets. Then a team of working moms in the U.S.A. print, assemble and ship the necklace in a few days. 

I plan to make the ordering process easier in the coming months. For example, I would like to make it easier to find the GPS coordinates by integrating the Google Maps API in the site for example. I also would really love to hear your suggestions to improve this website.

Thank you for visiting!

Niek Stokkingreef
Feel free to contact me for any questions, I'll reply within a day.
Design of our product