How to order

On this page I explain how you can place an order. It's a few easy steps. 

Hey, I just want to know how to fill in the coordinates!

Okay, no problem, that's explained below. However, if you get quickly annoyed with copying and pasting things on the internet you can also send us a message telling us where the event took place. 
For example, if you tell us the event took place in 'Los Angeles at 15 Bakerstreet' we'll be happy to find the GPS coordinates for you! No problem! 

I don't see a place where to enter my discount code

You can enter your discount code further ahead. First you fill in your necklace data, the next page will show a summary of your order. On the page after that you can fill in your discount code. You can the whole order process below (including pictures).

Still have a question and want to contact us

If you've got a question or want some help with your order you can chat with us by clicking the 'chat with us' button at the right side of your screen. Or send an email using the contact form. Generally you get a faster response when you use the 'chat with us' button. The chat button looks like this: 

chat with us logo

Okay, here we go:  

1. Fill in the year 

Here you enter the year where your special event took place. For example, if you want a necklace for someone who was born in 1950, you enter the year 1950 in this field.year field order

You can also enter a future year. For example the year 2040 or 2057 are perfectly fine. If you buy a necklace that dates a 1000 years back or ahead in time the placement of stars, sun and planets becomes less accurate. We advice you to order a necklace that,  as a max, goes a 100 years back or a 100 years in the future to get a very accurate display.

2. Fill in the month

In this field you pick the month in which your special event took place.

month field order

If you click on this field itself you then click on the month you want to choose as shown below.

select month field order

3. Day of the month

In this field you type in the day of the month. You can only type in numbers and only the numbers 1 to 31.

select day of the month field

4. Time of the day

In this field you type in the time when or where the event took place. For example you can type in '9.00' or '13.51'. If you like you can also use type '9.12 AM', '5.00 PM' or '9 in the morning' for example. It's fine if you're not exactly sure at what time the event took place. Just try to pick the closest hour. Or pick the middle of the day for example: '12.00'. 

Select time of the day field

Maybe, if you're not exactly sure about the time, you want to remove this time indication from the necklace. That's fine! Just let us know in the upcoming 'Remarks' field or send us a message.

5. Get the coordinates

For most this will be the most difficult part, but we'll walk you through and make it easy for you! We need to get the coordinates where your event took place. This is necessary because the night sky looks different when you look at it from different places on earth.

Here we go!

Please go to the website and zoom in on the map using + and - signs on the top left side of the map.

When you're at the place where the event took place you click or tap and the coordinates of that place will show up. 

get gift coordinates

In our design we use the GPS coordinates of your location as they look a bit prettier. The GPS coordinates are shown at the bottom right corner of the webpage. If you're on mobile you have to scroll down a bit to find the GPS coordinates. Copy these coordinates to your order page on Custom Sky Jewely.

get gps gift coordinates

Some might find it a bit difficult to copy these coordinates. On most computers you can select these by holding your left mouse button and drag over the text. Then right-click your mouse and click 'copy' from the menu that pops up. The pictures below explain this. If it's easier for you you can also:

-> manually write down these coordinates on paper and then type them over in your order screen;

- >give us the latitude and longitude. We'll then convert them to GPS coordinates on your necklace;

-> send us a message that says something like: "the event took place in San Francisco, on 52 Denver Street" and we'll get the GPS coordinates for you, no problem!

So, first select the text:

select gps coordinates

Then right-click and click copy:

copy gps coordinates

Go back to Custom Sky Jewelry right-click and paste:

paste gps coordinates

If you've clicked paste the coordinates will show up as you can see below:

The pasted GPS coordinates

6. Text for an engraved personal lines (optional)

If you choose a product that has the option to engrave the backside you can do so by typing in a personal message. You've got two lines in which you can enter a maximum of 20 characters per line. Using only 1 line or using less characters is of course possible. 

engraving lines for gift

7. Remarks (optional)

If you want to add remarks to your order this is a good place to do so.

optional remarks field

8. Click 'Add to Cart'

Next you click the amount of necklaces you want (probably 1) and then you click on the Add to Cart button. This will bring you to the next screen

add to cart button

9. Your shopping cart

You'll now see your shopping cart displayed. It should look something like below. You'll see the product you ordered. A message that we'll plant a tree if you place this order. And a summary of all the data you provided. If all looks good to you, you can click the 'Check out' button which takes you to the next page.

shopping cart page

10. Shipping information

We need your address to send your necklace to, please fill in the details. On the right side you can fill in your discount code if you have one. Please fill in your code (1.) and then click the apply button (2.).  

If you filled in all details you click on the 'Continue to shipping method' button.

shipping information discount code page

11. Choose shipping method

We only have 1 shipping method and it's free. So, please just click the 'Continue to payment method' button.

choose shipping method page

12. Payment method. 

Fill in your VISA, MasterCard or AMEX details. And click the 'Complete order' button to complete your order. You can leave the Billing address option as it is (or change it if you like) as we're not sending any order summaries or bills over the mail. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox though.

payment method page

That's it :)